" Alysia's poetry make me feel like there is more to life if you just believe in GOD. Her poems have inspired me to stay focus on GOD'S plan. I really appreciate Alysia so much for truly giving me apart of her blessing. She is a strong woman and even more powerful speaking with GOD'S tongue. I respect Alysia for three reasons... GOD'S Child, very talented caring & loving

human being, and a true female."

~ Unknown

  " I feel that Sister Alysia's poetry is very inspiring, motivating and spiritual! She has blessed so many by her unique presentation of her original poetry. She is using God's gift to uplift others! May God continue to bless her as she blesses others! "  

 ~ Mary Dennis



 " Alysia's  poems of praise and prayer are totally uplifting. Her  photography is spectacular! Such a talented and inspiring Christian woman...a true gift from God to all of us. "


 ~ J. Deranek



 " Watching your YouTube video...reminded me of Mayo Angelou. You have Grace and Presence in front of the camera.  Follow the love God put in your heart and continue to share the words He whispers into your soul, and happiness will follow you all the days of your life. "    

~ Doug




" I met Alysia Hall back in December 2005. I always said hello to her  and talked to her, but it all came down to one day whe she spoke out one of her inspiring poems "I'm Tired." while she was speaking I got a warm feeling over me and chills up and down my spine. I couldn't believe that a person could write something so real and so uplifting! Now at the time of this I wasn't serving the Lord as I should have been. I kinda let my childhood take over me and forgot about the man above that sacrificed His life for me. But something changed as I kept reading the poems that Alysia wrote. A voice came upon me and said " it's your time to start doing right and no time is better then now to start serving the Lord. " I talked toAlysia and she gave me the words of wisdom and encouraged me to move forward. I've found Jesus once again! "

~ Margaret Carter

Buffalo, NY

 " What impresses me most is that Alysia's poetry is not a compilation of trite rhymes, but her words communicate purpose. Furthermore, the music does not overpower her words! See it! Hear it! Alysia just received a STANDING OVATION!!!! "

~ Regina

 " Alysia, you are brilliantly anointed, not only as a poet but also as a photographer. God has led you to combine the best of both worlds to bless the Body of Christ. Your poems along with the background speaks right to your issue, placing the issue where it belongs...squarely on God!!! Bravo Alysia "

~ Maria Durso

 " I have been truly inspired by Alysia's anointing from God. He has given her such a gift using poetry to spread the Gospel. I thank God for placing Alysia in my life as a prayer warrior and my inspiration to seek an intimate relationship with God. "    

~ Tameka

​  Buffalo, NY



" I am so delighted and blessed to have you as a

co-worker and as a friend. Ms. Hall, you are a talented person in photography and poetry. Your poetry is focused on past experiences, learning from your past mistakes, and thanking God for change that made you who you are today. I hope you continues doing what you do and use your website to communicate with the world through your poetry and photography. I wish you much success and a bright future!"  


 ~ Yosef Kahssay

        Ethiopia / United States



" I believe Alysia has great talent and a love for her art in poetry. In 2006, I met the talented lady in class who stood out strong. The words she speak when she express herself in poetry "gets me!" Whoever become Alysia's  manager will blow because she's very blessed and a good roll model for young black women! "

~ Tammie Hudson

Buffalo, NY

" Alysia's, your poetry touched my spirit because it was based on things that I've gone through in life. Your poetry helped me realize how truly blessed I am and it gives me my extra incentive to keep going on in Christ. The words coming from your heart makes a difference! God bless you! "

~ Lassandra Amadi

" Alysia's poetry has inspired me greatly. It has filled me with confidence, faith, and peace in my heart. Her poetry revealed to me that no matter what I go through in life rather good or bad, I have to trust God helping me because nothing is impossible for Him. He can fix all things! Alysia's poetry also revealed to me that life is not easy. There will be struggles that we have to face, but no matter how big the problem may be, God, will help you go through all of the adversity and will bless you. Better days will come if you just believe! " 

~ Janet Lopez   



 A Divine Way of Expressing The Soul...


 " Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct your paths. " ~ Proverbs 3:5,6

~ Ms. Loretta 

 " I greatly appreciate the heart felt spiritual message

       in Ms.Hall's poetry. "



 " Alysia Hall, is one of the most amazing poets I've had the pleasure of meeting. Her writings are inspired by her faith in God and through her own life experiences. Alysia delivers messages of hope, peace, and love through each of her poems. They are anointed and heartfelt. She causes you to embrace trials and assures you through faith, there will be victory. Alysia is a poet for our time and generations to come, that will assure that you can and will survive anything by faith! "

~ Pastor Betty Spencer

Mt. Airy, Maryland